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Use MSConfig To Launch Windows Tools Like System Restore, Regedit, Etc 'LINK'

i am having one virus problem in my windows server 2003 r2 standard 64 bit operating system and some windows xp clients. i am using symantec endpoint protection 11 in server and clients. now in server am getting one error when everytime i am login to server. am attaching the file "Error". and i cannot access regedit and msconfig. when i am trying to access this am getting error that also am attaching file "error1". in clent i am getting the same qurantine message everytime...please help me to find a solution to remove this virus manually permanently and recover my regedit and msconfig without effecting operating system. please help me...

Use MSConfig to launch Windows tools like System Restore, Regedit, etc

i intstalled node32...and it deleted that i cannot access regedit task manager and msconfig...but now i am not getting that means that virus is removed and system is working...only problem is accessing those things...i tried mpam4_regedit_2k.exe and i can access regedit in win xp...but i din try this in my server...i am afraid about this doing in my server...nybody knows that kind of registry tool for windows server when i am accssing task manager i am getting error message..can not find script file "c:\windows\system32\regedit.vbe"...any way to restore this file to get my xp regedit n taskmanager...i tried sfc \scannow...din work for me...but atleast i removed that virus from my clients...thank god...please help if nybody know about this...please...

System Configuration even lets you launch various Windows Tools. To launch any tool, click on Tools tab. It gives you a list of various tools, like: Command Prompt, Registry Editor, Internet Options, Task Manager, Action Center, System Restore, etc.

This command of Windows Run opens Computer Management app where you can access a set of system tools like Task Scheduler, Event Viewer, Device Manager, Disk Management, and more. You can then manage various settings of your computer.

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