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D16 Group Total Bundle: A Complete Collection of Virtual Instruments and Effects

D16 Group Total Bundle: A Complete Collection of Virtual Instruments and Effects

If you are looking for a comprehensive suite of high-quality virtual instruments and effects that can cover a wide range of musical genres and styles, you might want to check out the D16 Group Total Bundle. This bundle includes all of the D16 group products, such as synthesizers, drum machines, bit crushers, distortions, phasers, reverbs, delays, and more. You can use them individually or combine them to create your own unique sounds and textures.

D16 Group Total Bundle VSTi.VST x86 x64 44

The D16 Group Total Bundle consists of 17 products: 5 virtual instruments and 12 effects. The virtual instruments are:

  • Phoscyon: A faithful emulation of the classic Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer, with an enhanced sound engine and a built-in arpeggiator/sequencer.

  • Drumazon: A realistic recreation of the legendary Roland TR-909 drum machine, with all of the original sounds and features.

  • Nepheton: A detailed simulation of the iconic Roland TR-808 drum machine, with 17 fully synthesized instruments and a flexible pattern editor.

  • Nithonat: A powerful emulation of the rare Roland TR-606 drum machine, with 15 fully synthesized instruments and a versatile pattern editor.

  • LuSH-101: A versatile multi-layered synthesizer that can create anything from classic analog sounds to modern digital timbres, with 8 independent layers, 32 voices of polyphony, and over 1600 presets.

The effects are:

  • Antresol: A modern reincarnation of the legendary Electric Mistress flanger pedal, with a rich analog sound and a flexible LFO section.

  • Decimort 2: A high-quality bit crusher that can emulate the sound of vintage samplers and add grit and color to your audio.

  • Devastor 2: A multiband distortion unit that can create anything from subtle warmth to extreme distortion, with 9 different routing options and a dynamic signal processing mode.

  • Fazortan 2: A controllable space phaser that can produce a wide range of vintage and modern modulation effects, with 4 different LFO shapes and a feedback generator.

  • Frontier: A studio-grade limiter plugin that can control the dynamics of your audio with ease and transparency, with an adaptive release algorithm and a soft-clip option.

  • Godfazer: An advanced modulation module that includes an ensemble effect and two multi-filter units, with 22 different modulation models and over 40 filter types.

  • Redoptor 2: A vintage tube distortion plugin that can add warmth, saturation, and harmonics to your audio, with a flexible preamp section and a valve emulation circuit.

  • Repeater: A creative delay plugin that can emulate 23 different delay units from various eras and manufacturers, with a dual delay line design and a vintage-inspired interface.

  • Sigmund: A flexible delay plugin that can create complex rhythmic patterns, spatial effects, and modulation sounds, with 4 independent delay lines and a multi-mode filter.

  • Syntorus 2: A double path analog chorus plugin that can create rich and spacious sounds, with 3 independent delay lines, 2 LFO generators, and a tremolo effect.

  • Tekturon: A multitap delay plugin that can create intricate rhythmic patterns and spatial effects, with 16 independent delay lines and a sequencer-like interface.

  • Toraverb 2: A space-modulated reverb plugin that can create realistic or artificial acoustic spaces, with a diffusion network, a modulation unit, and an early/late mixer.

The D16 Group Total Bundle is compatible with Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) and Mac OS X (64-bit) platforms. It supports VSTi/VST/AAX formats. You can buy it from the official website for â829 (VAT included). You can also try the demo versions of each product before buying them. 0efd9a6b88

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