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1920x1200 Trout Fishing Wallpaper. fly fishing ...

Spring creeks offer the ultimate challenge in the fly fishing world. Montana Angler guides fish the famous Livingston creeks in addition to several other spring creeks on some of our exclusive ranch leases.

The stretch of Black Warrior River known as Sipsey Fork offers anglers a dozen miles of pristine trout fishing all year long. The Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries Division has been stocking rainbow trout here since 1974, beneath the manmade Lewis Smith Lake. Water in Sipsey Fork stays below 70 degrees throughout the year thanks to the deep waters of the reservoir that feed it as power is generated through two turbines. Native fish can't survive in the chilly temps, but the 3,000 rainbow trout stocked monthly attract fly fishermen from all over the world.

The 82-mile Kenai River is Alaska's most popular destination for sport fishing and widely considered one of the best rainbow trout fly fishing rivers in the world. Hundreds of thousands of visitors arrive annually to fish the glaciated waters for 14 game fish species that include all five species of Pacific salmon found in North American waters. The Kenai River's king salmon can reach 90 pounds; the world-record king salmon, weighing 97 pounds, was caught here in 1985. The river boasts straightforward boat and walk-in access and easy proximity to Anchorage.

Located on the Colorado River below the Glen Canyon Dam, Lees Ferry is a clear-running tailwater fishery renowned for its rainbow trout and expansive scenery. This section of river has in excess of 20,000 wild trout per mile. Fluctuations in water levels and food locations keep anglers on their toes; spring is one of the best times for fishing here due to giant midge hatches that attract hungry fish into very concentrated areas along the river.

The White River cuts through the Ozark Mountains and offers some of the best trout fishing in the country near the Bull Shoals Dam. The best months to fish the White are April through June when fish are most stocked, although dry fly fishing is best from late August through December in the lower waters of the river. A 9- to 12-foot, 4 to 6 weight rod with a 4X to 6X leader are sufficient for most fly fishing here, with fly recommendations varying by season and precipitation levels. You're most likely to catch trophy trout during mid-summer and mid-winter when traffic is down, but all four trout species found here are plentiful throughout the year.

Divided into upper and lower sections, the McCloud River is a 77-mile-long tributary in Northern California featuring waterfalls, canyons, forest, and giant boulders emerging from the pristine water. The turquoise-color river is home to the McCloud River redband trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss stonei), the famous McCloud River rainbows (salmo Shasta), and many other species offering a mix of nymphing and dry fly fishing for anglers all over the world. Popular fishing spots are along the Lower McCloud River, near Fowler Camp, and below Lakin Dam. At the McCloud River Preserve in Shasta, just 10 anglers are allowed to fish (catch and release only) at a time; individuals can make up to five reservations a season. McCloud fishing rules all along the river set a bag limit of two fish.

Key West is an unforgettable fly fishing destination, with waters boasting barracuda, permit, mackerel, tarpon, jack, and even some blackfin tuna. The challenging fishing area makes it a hub for fly anglers, many of whom spend several months a year in this tropical paradise. Flats fishing stands as the gold standard for fly anglers pursuing tarpon, permit, and bonefish.

In a state not known for trout, the East Fork of the Whitewater River brings a pleasant surprise to anglers. The dam in Brookville releases the river into what's known as the Brookville Tailwater, a premier spot for trout fishing. Anglers can check the gauge before visiting to ensure water flow rates are hospitable to fishing. A standard tailwater fare of small nymphs (particularly in springtime) and wet flies are reliable producers for fly anglers here.

Reservoir fishing throughout Kansas offers the best options for fly anglers, and the 3,400-acre Kanopolis Lake three hours west of Kansas City is no exception. Fly fishing is best done from the shore or by boat, with Kanopolis Lake State Park offering boat ramps along with camping and cabins for overnight visitors. Rainbow trout are stocked yearly in the seep stream under the dam here, with trout season running Nov. 1 through April 15.

One of the best spots for waders, Otter Creek is filled with a variety of sunfish species, smallmouth, and Kentucky spotted bass. The creek is stocked with trout by the state and local fly fishing club three times in the spring and again in October. Anglers typically find success here with 2 to 6 weight rods and classic egg, nymph, and worm patterns.

Saltwater marshes and freshwater estuaries in the small community of Hopedale, Louisiana, form a brackish environment attracting a tremendous amount of crustaceans and fish, making for a truly unique fly fishing experience. Redfish are particularly plentiful here, offering exciting and prolific year-round fishing just 45 minutes from the Big Easy. Other popular catches include black drum and sea trout.

Located within a reasonable distance to Baltimore, this fly fishing spot features rainbow, brook, and brown trout. Consistent 55-degree water comes year-round out of the Prettyboy Reservoir Dam to maintain great tailwaters for fish and the anglers pursuing them. Browns can be reliably caught here by nymph fishing, with brown sculpins and white belly sculpins serving as solid universal streamers no matter the season. The seven miles following the dam are catch and release only and offer the best fishing along the river.

The Deerfield River offers great fly fishing in the Bay State with upper and lower portions featuring browns, rainbows, and brookies in the former and rainbows, browns, walleye, and smallmouths in the latter. Be sure to check flow schedules before heading out, as dams are plentiful along the river and water levels subject to significant fluctuations. Inflatable fly fishing rafts and pontoons are best for floating. Top stretches for trout are the upper reach from Fife Brook Dam to Number 4 Dam and lower from Shelburne Falls and down.

Featuring 40 miles of shoreline, Lake Taneycomo has a reputation for being one of the best lakes for trout fishing in the United States. The water is well-stocked with browns and rainbows. The most popular spot for fly fishing is the three-mile run between the Table Rock Dam and Fall Creek. The bass fishing on the lake is considered to be among the best-kept secrets in the Ozarks, particularly at the lower end of Taneycomo between Bull Creek (near Rockaway Beach) and the Powersite Dam.

Fly anglers will find rainbow and brown trout along several spring-branch canyon tributaries of the Niobrara River in northern Nebraska. The Niobrara River drainage is home to the most fish species in the state. Browns and rainbows are stocked annually by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, with the best trout fishing in Sioux, Box Butte, and Dawes counties. Though much of the Niobrara River flows through private property, public access is available at Agate Fossil Beds National Monument, near Harrison, Nebraska.

This clear-water river that starts at Saco Lake and winds its way into the neighboring state of Maine offers sight fishing. New Hampshire Fish and Game stock the Saco with brook trout, brown trout, and rainbow trout by the thousands. During open season, taking trout two hours after sunset and one hour before sunrise is prohibited, and the Saco is closed to fishing Oct. 16 through Dec. 31.

Filled with catfish, stripers, largemouth bass, and stocked trout, the Musconetcong River has several public access points. Often referred to as the Musky, the river has 19 known trout production tributaries entering it, contributing to its reputation as one of the best trout-fishing waterways in the state.

The San Juan River runs for about 355 miles through several states, including northwestern New Mexico. The waterway serves as an exciting fly fishing destination, particularly the four-mile stretch below Navajo Dam that's brimming with browns and rainbows averaging 16 to 18 inches in length. This part of the river has an estimated 15,000 fish per mile. Small midges and annelids are the staple food sources for these trout, so small flies imitating either will be most effective overall.

A tributary of the East Branch of the Delaware River, this Catskill stream is filled with trout. At one point this bountiful river experienced overfishing, though conservationists have stepped up to restore and rescue Beaverkill. The river is divided into two sections, and the lowest section has two no-kill, catch-and-release-only areas. Water levels can get quite low throughout the summer, making spring the premier time to fly fish this popular waterway.

Featuring year-round fly fishing, the Lower Illinois River is stocked weekly with brown and rainbow trout. Also home to walleye, white bass, and the occasional striped bass, the river offers several public access points including the River Road Public Access Area and the Gore Landing Public Access Area. The river is one of just two year-round trout fisheries in the state.

Located along the Oregon Coast, the Rogue River offers challenging fly fishing for even the most seasoned angler. King salmon run from late summer through fall and the freshwater-bound kings can range in size from 20 to 50 pounds. Salmon fishing goes wild in the spring as chinooks enter the waterway, but the area is most famous for its massive summer steelhead run that draws fly anglers in from around the world. 041b061a72

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