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Broly Second Coming 720p Dimensions _BEST_

In Age 767,[24] Broly upon becoming the Legendary Super Saiyan was so powerful that he was able to defeat the entire Z-Fighters without receiving a single scratch thanks to his invulnerability. Becoming stronger without logic as each second passes, Broly killed Paragus as Vegeta, Trunks, and Piccolo were unable to continue. Only Goku remained standing as Gohan regained his resolve to continue the brawl.[4][21][26] Despite Gohan's valiant efforts, he remained unable to injure Broly as the Legendary Saiyan defeated him in one blow.[27][28] His augmented strength was only beaten upon being struck by a Genkidama filled with pure raw energy that collided against Comet Kumori, thus guaranteeing his defeat.[9][29][30]

Broly Second Coming 720p Dimensions

After four weekends, on 6 January 2019, it was estimated to have earned $32.3 million worldwide, with $29.7 million coming from Japan and $3.3 million from five other countries, including the highest-grossing opening by a Japanese film in Brazil with $1.7 million, and by a Japanese animation film in Malaysia with $232,000.[9][108][109] During its release on 10 January in Latin America, in Peru the film had the second best premiere in history reaching 257,420 spectators on its first day of release, only surpassed by the Avengers: Infinity War with 291,629 in 2018,[110] as well best premiere for an animation film in Bolivia.[111] In Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Puerto Rico and Uruguay the film also debuted at number-one at the box office.[112][113][114][115][116] In its first Latin America weekend it grossed reportedly over $6.1 million in Mexico alone,[117][118] while according to Deadline Hollywood, "Peru ($2.5 million) and Argentina ($1.55 million) gave Fox its biggest opening weekend ever, followed by Chile ($1.7 million) with the industry's 3rd biggest animation opening of all time. In Colombia it was Fox's 4th biggest opening weekend ever at $1.5 million and in Ecuador, the Toei anime fantasy is Fox's top launch ever, and the 3rd best superhero bow, behind Avengers: Infinity War and Thor: Ragnarok" with $1.3 million.[117][119] In its fifth weekend ending 13 January 2019, the film grossed $19.2 million from 17 territories, becoming the weekend's third top-grossing film in international markets, behind only Bumblebee and Aquaman, which brought the film's worldwide gross to $53.5 million ahead of its United States release.[117] On the weekend ending 20 January, the international cume had increased to $65.9 million, holding onto the number 1 spot in Chile ($3 million), Peru ($3.8 million) and Ecuador. The film's gross increased to $9.5 million in Mexico, $4.3 million in Brazil, $2.6 million in Argentina and $2.4 million in Colombia.[120] Alongside its domestic total, the worldwide gross increased to $88.7 million.[121]

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