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Sri Siddhartha Gautama Video Song Hd Downloadhttps: Index301.php K Sri Siddhartha Ga

Sri Siddhartha Gautama Video Song HD Download

Sri Siddhartha Gautama is a 2013 Sinhala biographical film based on the life of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. The film was directed by Saman Weeraman and produced by Navin Gooneratne. It stars Gagan Malik, Anchal Singh, Ranjan Ramanayake, Anshu Malik, and Saranga Disasekara in the lead roles. The film was released in Sri Lanka on January 24, 2013 and in India on February 14, 2014.

The film depicts the journey of Prince Siddhartha from his birth to his enlightenment as the Buddha. It also portrays his relationship with his wife Yashodhara, his son Rahula, his father King Suddhodana, and his cousin Devadatta. The film showcases the teachings of Buddhism and the challenges faced by Siddhartha in his quest for truth and peace.

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The film has a musical score composed by Nadeeka Guruge and features several songs sung by popular Sri Lankan artists. The songs are based on Buddhist themes and convey the message of love, compassion, and wisdom. The songs are also visually appealing and showcase the rich culture and heritage of Sri Lanka.

If you are looking for Sri Siddhartha Gautama video song hd download, you can find some options below:

  • [Siddhartha Gautham - Viraj Perera]: This is a song from the soundtrack of the film sung by Viraj Perera. It is a tribute to the life and achievements of Gautama Buddha. You can listen to a sample preview of the song and download it from the link provided.

  • [Official Trailer - Sri Siddhartha Gautama]: This is the official trailer of the film that gives a glimpse of the story and the characters. You can watch the trailer and download it from the link provided.

  • [Sri Siddhartha Gautama Video Song HD !FULL! Download]: This is a link to a SoundCloud page where you can stream and download a full video song from the film. The song is not specified but it might be one of the songs from the soundtrack.

We hope you enjoy watching and listening to Sri Siddhartha Gautama video song hd download. If you like the film and its songs, you can also watch the full movie online or buy the DVD from various sources. You can also learn more about Buddhism and its teachings from reliable websites and books.

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