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new star tiny model diana alias amber video 43 44

Miley Ray Stewart (Miley Cyrus) is the teen main character of Hannah Montana. As her alter ego, Hannah Montana, she secretly lives a double life as a famous pop star. One of the concept names for her alter ego was Alexis Texas, but the writers learned there was an adult entertainer with the same name of Alexis Texas.[1] Eventually the writers decided to use the real first name of the star, Miley Cyrus. Her best friends are Lilly and Oliver. Throughout the series she keeps her alias as Hannah Montana a secret from the world, but eventually tells several people throughout the show such as Lilly, Oliver, Siena, Jake, and Jesse. Her main love interests are Jake and Jesse, along with occasional crushes. She is known to say "Sweet niblets!" "Ya think?" and "Say what?" as her catch phrases. She also has the best of both worlds. Her rivals, when she is Miley, are Amber and Ashley. She is like any other girl, facing challenges, but endures it with the help of family and friends. She has tons of wardrobe changes.

Lilly starts her most significant and successful relationship when she started dating Oliver Oken in season 3 of the series. Their friendship started in preschool when Lilly held his hand in order to share his crayons. "He had the 64-Pack with the sharpener!" Said Lilly. The two were best friends for years until one night after a beach party where they decided to date. At the time, Miley was away shooting her feature film Indiana Joannie, then later finds out in "What I Don't Like About You." However, after an argument over their favorite bands (Radiohead and Coldplay), they broke up. Miley made a mini-Indiana Joannie movie and they made up and resumed dating. They attended prom together in Promma Mia. In "He Could Be The One," Lilly says she loves Oliver. Their nicknames for each other are "Olly-pop" and "Lilly-pop." In "I Honestly Love You (No Not You)" Lilly tells Miley that Oliver calls her "Lilly-pop" because she had a pimple.

Oliver's most significant relationship and longest is with Lilly Truscott when they started dating in season 3 of the series. In pre-school, Lilly held Oliver's hand for his crayons, with the reasoning, "He had the 64-pack with the sharpener!" For years, the two were best friends, but after a beach party they decided to start dating and we first see this in "What I Don't Like About You" while Miley was away shooting her feature film Indiana Joannie. However, after an argument over their favourite bands (Radiohead and Coldplay) they broke up but Miley, made a mini-Indiana Joannie movie and they made up and resumed dating. They attended prom together in Promma Mia. The circumstances of their first date are under dispute by both Lilly and Oliver.

Siena portrayed by Tammin Sursok (season 4) is Jackson's long-term girlfriend. She works a job as a bikini model. She lives next door to the Stewarts and has a cousin named TJ. Every time Jackson talks about her, he always stutters saying the word "bikini." In "Sweet Home Hannah Montana", Siena and Jackson start out as being friends, but throughout the season, Siena shows to have true feelings for Jackson and cares for him for who he is. In "Hannah Montana to the Principal's Office," she shows to have an immediate interest in Jackson and asks him out, even admitting to him that boys have always asked her out before, but that was the first time she herself had to ask. In "California Screamin'," Jackson admits to Siena that even though he wants to be more than just friends with her, he still feels insecure because he is not like the other guys she dates. Siena admits to Jackson that he is right, because he is "way better," and they share their first kiss. In "De-De-De-Do, Da-Don't-Don't-Don't Tell My Secret," while visiting Jackson, she mistakenly thinks Jackson is cheating on her with Hannah Montana after seeing Miley outside in her Hannah disguise through the kitchen window. In the end, to save their relationship, Miley shows Siena her closet. This results in Siena finding out that Miley is really Hannah. She later visits Jackson at his new job as a video game tester and comments on his and Miley's relationship. In the fourth season she appeared in 8 out of 13 episodes.

The Glock 22 is a full sized pistol chambered for .40 S&W. Many American law enforcement agencies use this model, for example, FBI Academy graduates are issued this or a Glock 23 (according to the agent preference) as their standard field weapon. It is also the standard weapon of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) along with the Glock 23, Glock 27, and the SIG Pro SP 2340. US Marshals also carry the Glock 22 and Glock 23 as their service weapons for all Deputy US Marshals. In 2008 the Glock 22 became the standard service weapon for all probationary LAPD officers, once they complete probation these officers then have a choice to either stay with their Glock 22 or go with some other weapon on the LAPD approved carry list.

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