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Tales Of The Walking Dead 1x1

A reclusive scientist and nature documentarian, Dr. Chauncey Everett, accompanies a stranger, Amy, as she tries to find the group of survivors she was separated from in an area of the Wiregrass region now called the Dead Sector. Amy's attempts to connect with Everett are largely unsuccessful as he sees the undead, which he has dubbed homo mortus, are the next stage of nature's evolution while humanity is the danger. Everett is focused on saving one of his missing research specimens, dubbed Specimen 21, who is later revealed to be one of his former colleagues, but Specimen 21 is eaten by an alligator. Amy and Everett have a falling out after he stops her from saving two of her friends before Everett reveals that her camp is in the path of a massive herd and is doomed. Amy rushes off to warn her friends, but Everett later discovers that they have fallen to the herd and turned themselves. Everett begins tagging his new specimens for study, including a now undead Amy, although Everett displays some hesitation when faced with his former friend.

Tales of the Walking Dead 1x1

Eric and Idalia decide to try to take refuge at the house of an elderly woman, Doña Alma. She agrees to give them food and let them stay the night but insists they must leave the next day. Over dinner, Eric pushes the issue and asks to be allowed to stay for good, but Alma orders them to leave on the spot. She suddenly falls and hits her head, dying instantly. Though Eric is satisfied now having the well-protected house to themselves, Idalia is uncomfortable taking over the deceased woman's house. Idalia experiences various hallucinations and visions as she hears the voice of Alma insisting the house belongs to her. Eric is dismissive until he too begins seeing things, including believing the walker of their friend Maria is actually her back from the dead. The two become hostile with each other as the hauntings persist, but when they try to leave, they are chased into the basement by Alma's ghost. The pair are driven to stab each other and find themselves pulled into branches and walkers of people they met.

The Walking Dead's long-running trope where different survivors come up with different nicknames for zombies is getting silly in Tales of the Walking Dead. Famously, no one in AMC's The Walking Dead TV show ever uses the term "zombie" to describe the reanimated corpses lumbering around seeking flesh. Instead, every group develops their own cute nickname for the undead. Rick Grimes and his people adopt "walkers" - the most common term in The Walking Dead - but we've also heard "biters," "empties," "creepers," "rotters," "sickos," "freaks," the list goes on...

When Terry Crews' Joe meets Olivia Munn's Evie, she calls zombies "toe-tags" in reference to how corpses in a mortuary would traditionally have identity tags tied around their toes. Unique though this name may be, it's contrived to the point of being distracting. The likes of "walker," "biter," and "rotter" are all intuitive, self-explanatory names for survivors to use when describing the undead. "Toe-tags" is the exact opposite. It doesn't roll off the tongue, it takes a few seconds to figure out, and it definitely isn't the first name anyone would come up with for a zombie. While Tales of the Walking Dead might argue that "toe-tags" matches Evie's quirky personality, the name feels more like The Walking Dead working harder and harder to generate new, untouched zombie monikers. Surely, the only reason Evie isn't using something less awkward like "rotter" or "stumbler" is because other characters already took those.

In the Walking Dead's TV universe, the "zombie" label isn't mentioned whatsoever. At 2012's Chicago comic con, Lauren Cohan (Maggie actress) explained that classic zombie movies like Dawn of the Dead don't exist in The Walking Dead's fictional canon, meaning the word never translated from Haitian culture into widespread usage. This explanation was later cosigned by original creator, Robert Kirkman. Unlike the audience, The Walking Dead characters simply lack a common reference point for what to call these hideous monsters rising from the dead.

Seis episodios independientes originales de una hora centrados en personajes nuevos y establecidos dentro del apocalipsis caminante. Cada episodio tiene su propio tono y punto de vista distintos, pero hay mucho en juego en cada historia, lo que empuja a personajes nuevos e indelebles con elecciones y situaciones implacables y potencialmente mortales. Podemos ver el apocalipsis a través de otros ojos, descubriendo más mundos, mitos y misterios de The Walking Dead. 041b061a72

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