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Cross-platform multiplayer comes to NBA 2K24 when the bestselling basketball sim launches Sept. 8 NBA 2K24 MT, 2K Sports announced on Friday. The feature, long requested by NBA 2K’s community, will be available only for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions of the game.

His splash brother Klay Thompson is the second best 3PT shooter, particularly following a 2022-24 campaign that saw him shoot 41.2% from 3PT range on 10.6 attempts per game. The man is arguably just as dangerous of a three-point shooter than his counterpart, and despite his injury setbacks, still illustrated to everyone how lethal he still is.

With that said, here’s three of the Top 5 NBA 2K24 Best 3PT Shooters along with some analysis on why each is on the list this year.

Stephen Curry – 99 overall

When you’ve changed the game because of your 3PT shooting, and then just so happen to be the greatest 3PT shooter of all time, which is none other than the great Stephen Curry, it simply doesn’t make sense to not make him the best in the game with a 99 rating. The man is simply legendary, and no matter his age, continues to solidify his mark in NBA history.

Buddy Hield – 91 overall

If there’s one part about Buddy Hield’s game that will impress you, it’s his 3PT shooting, which he put on display for everyone to see last season. The veteran Pacer shooting guard was a marvel, shooting 42.5% from behind the arc on 8.5 attempts per game over 80 games played. Hield is simply one of the best and most lethal catch-and-shoot 3PT shooters in the NBA and proved that to everyone last season.

Malcolm Brogdon – 89 overall

For those that are surprised that Brogdon cracked the Top 5, you really shouldn’t be seeing how well he did last season. In 67 games played (26.0 minutes per game), Brogdon shot 44.4% from 3PT territory and made two 3PT shots per game Cheap 2K24 MT. With Marcus Smart now on the Memphis Grizzlies, Brogdon is primed for a big season as the new starting point guard. And his three-point shooting could very well takeoff as he receives more minutes.\

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