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Hatsukoi Takeda Ayumi 15 Sai [EXCLUSIVE]


Hatsukoi Takeda Ayumi 15 Sai [EXCLUSIVE]

After the retirement ceremony is finished, and after Keiju gives a speech thanking the Emperor for having granted his parents' wishes, he is filled with trepidation at his next duty, seeing the Emperor. The Emperor suggests that if Keiju is ever in doubt about his next step, he should ask himself " Would a god rule like that". Keiju reflects on this and is later shown walking along the garden path next to the palace. He stops to look at the moon and when he turns around, he encounters the beautiful Ayumi Mano. The two meet and end up talking about their lives. He learns that she is a consort or concubine. The next day, he visits the palace and looks into the Empress's quarters. He meets her maids and when he leaves, he gives them a token of appreciation.

Soon, he meets the imperial consort, Kawara Kikuya (AKA The Petal of Kawara) who tells him that Ayumi is the most beautiful and the most privileged woman in the palace. Kawara is the former lover of the Empress. Kawara bribes Keiju to help move Ayumi into the palace, but Keiju refuses. He then asks Keiju to spy on Ayumi in order to report on her. Keiju is given a room next to Ayumi's room, and he sits in an empty room across the hallway from Ayumi's room and listens to Ayumi's conversations. Keiju then leaves Kyoto and travels to the Iga castle.

The story of "Sengoku Otome" began over a thousand years ago, in the Warring States period. The story involves love, politics and war. This is an original story with many events from history mixed in. An appearance by a real heroine of the Samurai era, Ayumi Yoshino, brings the story to life. 3d9ccd7d82


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