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Paige and Hank's Hay-Adams Hotel Wedding in Washington D.C.

Immaculate Conception Church Washington D.C Wedding Ceremony

In the heart of Washington DC, a city that serves as the backdrop to history and romance alike, two weddings unfolded on a day that will be remembered not just for its significance but for the beauty and elegance that graced it. As the Biden wedding captured national attention, another celebration of love took place at the iconic Hay Adams, marking its own unforgettable moment amidst the grandeur of political festivities.

The Hay Adams, with its unparalleled views of the White House and its storied past, provided the perfect setting for a wedding that was nothing short of magical. The theme? A classic and sophisticated palette of burgundy, white, pinks, and green florals, complemented by the soft glow of candlelight and the inherent elegance that the venue exudes.

Paige and Hank have the modern love story, falling in love after swiping right on tinder. Over wine and pizza they started forever. Throughout the planning process they expressed wanting an elegant, unforgettable evening, where their family and friends can celebrate and enjoy themselves.

A Symphony of Colors and Lights

As guests arrived at the Hay Adams, they were greeted by a symphony of colors and lights. The florals, carefully chosen for their deep and rich hues, added a sense of warmth and romance to the setting. Burgundy, a color that evokes passion and vitality, was paired with the purity of white and the freshness of green, creating a harmonious balance that was both captivating and comforting.

Candles, placed with intention throughout the space, cast a soft and inviting glow, illuminating the faces of loved ones and creating an ambiance that was intimate and enchanting. The flickering lights danced in the eyes of the guests, mirroring the joy and excitement that filled the air.

Elegance in Every Detail

Every detail of the wedding at the Hay Adams was meticulously planned and executed with elegance in mind. From the floral arrangements that adorned the tables to the graceful drapery that framed the venue, each element was a testament to the couple's vision of a sophisticated and timeless celebration.

The elegance extended to the culinary experience, with a menu that was both exquisite and thoughtfully curated. Each course was a reflection of the couple's journey and their shared tastes, adding a personal touch that was deeply appreciated by all who were present.

A Celebration to Remember

As the evening progressed, the Hay Adams wedding unfolded into a celebration of love that was as heartfelt as it was beautiful. The joy of the couple, surrounded by family and friends, was palpable, creating memories that would be cherished for a lifetime.

In a city where history is made every day, the Hay Adams wedding stood out as a reminder of the personal milestones that are equally deserving of celebration. On a day marked by the Biden wedding, another couple embarked on their journey together, surrounded by burgundy, white, pink, and green florals, the soft glow of candles, and the elegance that only a venue like the Hay Adams can provide.

As we look back on this remarkable day, we are reminded of the power of love to bring people together, creating moments of beauty and joy that transcend the ordinary. In Washington DC, a city of both political and personal significance, the Hay Adams wedding was a testament to the enduring allure of elegance and the timeless nature of love.


Planning and Design Team: Remembered Events

Photographer: Lisa Boggs

Venue + Catering: The Hay-Adams Hotel

Florist: Burke Florist

Entertainment: Zandi Entertainment

Rentals: Select Event Group Church: Immaculate Conception Church

Until next time...

The Remembered Events Team


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