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Mulan (2009)HD

It's no surprise that Mulan (2020) by Disney really had it coming. Crystal Liu's big mouth along with Disney's support for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) really brought it down with #BoycottMulan. Now, it's time to re-review the film that truly brought honor to us all called Mulan (2009) by Jingle Ma. It has a DVD re-release which I think would get a lot of sales to protest against Disney's Mulan. I also think that both Angry Joe and Nostalgia Critic may want to watch this film. I mean, this film was a lot of well-timed WTF moments that Nostalgia Critic could make fun of (such as the bathing scene or the Rouran princess's desire to be a queen in Wei) without derailing it. The 2009 film is obviously not for children - it doesn't do violence for the sake of it. I don't think it'd get a PG-13 rating either since it's got blood.

Mulan (2009)HD


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