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Meet the Owner of Remembered Events - Amanda Tyner

Hello Hello Hello! Welcome to Remembered Events. Our little place on the internet to talk all things Weddings, Events, DIY, Travel, you know everything you need to know to just enjoy planning things. We are beyond thrilled to be curating event for over 17 years now and bringing resources, tips, and tricks to the internet. Amanda Tyner is the Owner of Remembered Events.

I have always been a planner, for as long as I can remember. I used to play school with my friends in my parents basement, planning lessons, planning parties, and small business has always been on my mind. When I was in Middle School I had a leaf raking company and was a babysitter, which eventually was my sole income to get me through college.

I received my BA in Psychology from Marymount University and it truly was worth every penny. I use Psychology each and every day while working with clients, vendors, and family dynamics during the planning process. During the Pandemic, I decided to get my Project Management Professional Certification and this has dramatically perfected our process.

I met my amazing husband on Tinder in 2014 and we married in June 2016 at Rust Manor House in Leesburg, Virginia. He is a Company Commander in the U.S. Coast Guard. Semper Paratus is the Coast Guard motto and means “always ready”. After meeting him and learning this motto, it fits Remembered Events so well, so we embody this motto not only as a family but in our business.

We had our daughter, Peyton in September 2018 and she is our pride and joy. She has been our greatest adventure yet. A little wedding planner in training for sure. Could I have gotten so lucky to have a sweet daughter who wants to be just like me? I doubt it.

Isn’t she the sweetest? I’m totally biased. Vaniece her middle name is after my grandmother. Now that woman, she was a gem. A friend to everyone, so funny, and always cheering on her family. Peyton takes my Dog Mom status to another level. She is going to be a Vet or Animal Advocate for sure. She has loved on our rescue beagles like they were her mission in life since she realized they existed. It has been a true joy to watch. We had no idea that our life was missing something until we learned about Peyton.

When I am not working or spending time with my family. I’m a sushi enthusiast, enjoyer of Pinot Grigio, and DIY creator. Pink makes me happy, fingers crossed that Peyton won’t hate it.

Sound like we would be a good fit for each other? Let’s Chat!

Heart you! Amanda

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