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Elegant and Cozy: The Winter Bride Guide

Winter weddings bring a magical charm, with crisp air and potentially a soft blanket of snow creating a picturesque backdrop. For brides tying the knot during this enchanting season, choosing the right attire is essential to not only look stunning but also feel comfortable. This blog delves into the key elements of winter bridal wear, ensuring that you, as a winter bride, can shine on your special day. You also want to consider your guests and supply some cute and practical ways for them to enjoy your day, not matter the temperature or weather conditions.

Here is our Winter Bride Guide:

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  • Layering for Warmth and Style Layering is not just practical for a winter wedding; it's a fashion statement. A fur (or faux fur) stole, a tailored bridal jacket, or a chic cape can add an extra layer of warmth while elevating your overall look. These layers can be removed or added for outdoor photos or indoor receptions, providing versatility throughout the event.

  • Footwear: Balancing Comfort and Style Choose shoes that are both elegant and practical. Closed-toe options, like stylish boots or classic pumps, can be more comfortable in colder weather. If your heart is set on open-toe shoes, consider wearing them indoors and opting for a warmer pair for any outdoor moments.

  • Accessories to Complete the Look Your winter bridal look can be completed with accessories that complement the season. Consider a beaded clutch, elegant gloves, and statement jewelry that reflects the winter theme. A touch of color in your accessories can also add a unique twist to the traditional bridal look.


  1. Wedding Website FAQs Make sure you explain to your guests what they should wear and if any parts of your wedding will be outside. This will help them to be prepared for you winter wedding.

  2. Blankets This is a sweet touch, especially if you have aspect of your day outside. They have kits on Amazon or you can make your own. Here are some great options.

  3. Hand + Foot Warmers Provide these for guests to utilize for any parts of the wedding that are outside or they just feel cold. These are very practical and will work all night long. Click here for bulk pack.

  4. Hot Cocoa Bar What a fun way to keep warm and keep your guests entertainment during parts of your day.

  5. S'more Bar Another fun and interactive option for guests

  6. Tomato Soup + Grilled Cheese Shooter This is a great appetizer option for guests to enjoy and warm up

  7. Fire Pit Couple this what the Blankets and you will have the happiest guests around.

  8. Whiskey or Bourbon Tasting A little liquid to keep you warm and provide a hopin dance floor.

Your winter wedding attire should reflect your personal style while embracing the charm of the season. With the right gown, layers, and accessories, you can achieve a look that’s both breathtaking and comfortable. Remember, the key is to balance elegance with practicality, ensuring you stay warm and radiant throughout your special day.

Your guest will hopefully come prepared, if they aren't you now have some great options to enhance their experience while watching you tie the knot.


The Remembered Events Team


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