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Love Story of Nikki + Bryce at Market at Grelen

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Nikki + Bryce got married May 25, 2019 at one of our favorite venues Market at Grelen

Welcome to your Market at Grelen Wedding

Here is their Rmred Love Story! The story of how two people went from “just” prom dates to future husband and wife. It all began in 2010 during their senior year of high school, when Bryce made the decision to ask Nikki to prom. He orchestrated an intricate proposal that included a scavenger hunt with balloons at each spot that Nikki popped to reveal hidden clues inside. The hunt led Nikki around their hometown, ending at her house where Bryce was waiting with flowers and the final clue that read “Will you go to prom with me?” And, of course, she said yes!But, at this point, they were still only friends. They went their separate ways for college, and neither of them necessarily expected anything more to happen. But as they continued to talk constantly and visit each other, it was not until they were apart from each other that they realized how much they meant to each other. By October of their first year, they had made it official.For the next seven years, Nikki and Bryce conquered college and the real world together. After graduating from the two greatest schools in the state of Virginia, they moved to Michigan to start their careers and their life (finally!) living together. Since then, they've been working together to make Plymouth, Michigan feel a little more like home!In the fall of 2017, Bryce again had to orchestrate another elaborate plan to ask Nikki an even more important question. He planned to propose while they were home in New Jersey on Christmas break. On the absurdly cold night of December 30th, Bryce convinced Nikki to go into Palmer Square in Princeton with him for a "suit fitting" at J.Crew. As they walked towards J.Crew past the Palmer Square Christmas tree, Nikki noticed a man standing on the corner holding three balloons. As they approached, the man told Nikki that there was a promotion going on for J.Crew and if she popped one of the balloons she would get a coupon. Truth be told, at this point, Nikki knew that something was up and they were not just there for a suit...she popped one of the balloons and inside was a note that read “Will you marry me?” Nikki looked up to see Bryce down on one knee. She said “OF COURSE!” and the rest is history.

From the moment I met Nikki, I knew she had a planners instincts and abilities. Her eye for organization and details was a joy to work with. She was always anticipating situations and running her ideas by us. We LOVE collaborating with a bride who knows what she wants. From personalized napkins to her color scheme, everything seamlessly went together and looked gorgeous.

Could this wedding party look any more elegant? The grey, purple, and greens really pop in the outdoor heaven that we like to call Market at Grelen. The ladies were all beautified by the talented team at Best Face Forward. They know how to take each person's beauty and make it shine with confidence! As soon as Nikki arrived to the venue, I could tell she was so excited to step into her hands down spectacular dress from Klenfield & Pnina Tornai. I'm thankful I am not as tiny as Nikki - I would have wanted to try it on :) Just Kidding! The lace fits her personality so well and just exudes the classiness that Nikki embodies. She is a beautiful bride.

This wedding party and guest group was so much fun! The band from EBE Entertainment had everyone on the dance floor and having a grand olde time all night long.

About 45 minutes before the ceremony was about to begin on this sunny and warm day, a storm front started to move in. Always prepared with rain plan 1, 2, & 3, we made the decision to be ready with the rain plan for cocktail hour. It is a good thing that we did. As soon as the ceremony ended, the rain showers came. We got through an intimate ceremony with Nikki's brother as the officiant. He did a fabulous job preparing a ceremony that shared both laughs and sentiments about this, that have been together since their High School Prom.

Some of my favorite wedding photos are the "We Did It" right after the Ceremony is completed. All the hard work and love you share has brought you to that moment of FINALLY being married. Not to mention the special Daddy/Daughter Moments. Now that I have a daughter those special moments melt my heart even more. Nothing more special than the love of a parent captured in a photo.

Could you even tell it is about to rain? Thanks to the talent Sarah Houston - you cannot tell at all! We battled the rain throughout the reception but it did not stop the celebration one bit! The love these two feel for each other was truly contagious, all of the guests were cherishing each moment of this important day in Nikki & Bryce's life. We even got a rainbow picture!

Look at these elegant details, as I mentioned this bride was able to tie everything together so you could see her color scheme and vision. The flowers from Faded Poppy and Stationary by Kali Edwards of June Mango Designs are just timeless.

Look at this fabulous meat spread from L'Etoile Catering Team! They did an incredible job on the Hors d'oeuvre style dinner. Everything was bite size yet filling. I love when not only is it tasteful, it looks appetizing in the set up. Nikki made sure all of her family members that couldn't physical be present were still apart of their big day. Gorgeous photos of family members lined the farm table to provide a stunning tribute to their memory. It is always hard to say goodbye to couples so we don't! Instead we say farewell, because it means good wishes! We could not wish this couple more happiness and love. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for this amazing couple.

Vendor Team:

Wedding Planner: Remembered Events

Catering: L'Etoile

Flowers: Faded Poppy

Dress: Kleinfeld - Pnina Tornai Designer

Transportation: A and A Limosine

Stationary: Kali Edwards of June Mango Designs

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